Chocolatier Stijn Vandenbouhede has his shop in Mageleinstraat in the heart of the city. The open workshop gives you the opportunity to see the chocolatier at work from the street.

Stijn creates chocolates with flavours one may not expect: how about chocolates with mango and chili pepper, Ganda ham, Tierenteyn mustard, red beet and honey, bergamot and vanilla or yuzu and ginger? Not only do they taste delicious, their shapes and colours make them true works of art. Chocolatier Stijn also offers vegan and lactose-free chocolates in six different flavours.

But his creations are not limited to chocolates and chocolate tablets or bars. His larger masterpieces made of chocolate include musical instruments and characters from movies and literature such as Harley Quin, Willy Wonka, Baby Yoda, Darth Vader and Frankenstein.

Stijn has already received numerous awards and is included in the Gault Millau list of best chocolatiers. He was the winner of the Belgium Chocolate Awards 2023 in the category Best Chocolate Bar, he ranked second in the category Best Chocolate and third in the category Personality of the Year.

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