Ghent will soon have a lively new district.

In the next ten to fifteen years the Ghent City Council wants to redevelop the area round the Dampoort Station, constructing a completely new district by the waterfront. The emphasis in this new neighbourhood will be residential. In addition, there will be offices, retail, leisure and public services. New bridges for pedestrians and cyclists and the relocation of the city ring road to the Afrikalaan and Koopvaardijlaan ensure a perfect connection with the historic city centre.

Since the summer of 2011, the Old Docks have become a lively meeting place. Every Sunday you can go there for concerts, flea markets, exhibitions, etc. The centre of all this is the DOKkantine in the shed at the Koopvaardijlaan. In the years to come this will be the beating heart of the Old Docks. Via this canteen, you can go to the large terrace with its view of the quay, the playground and garden, concerts in the DOKbox and activities in the DOKmarkt.