Click-click. St Michael’s Bridge is the place for romantic hearts. Grab your smartphone and take some spectacular selfies. Wherever you look, there is a breathtaking view: you are surrounded by 360 degrees of Ghent’s charming beauty. Get an extra-special fairy-tale view of the heart of Ghent at twilight, when all the historic sights are gorgeously illuminated.

In short, St Michael’s Bridge is where you will find out what makes the people of Ghent and everyone who has been here love Ghent so much.

Pause for a view of the three towers

Experience a moment to remember on St Michael’s Bridge during your weekend in Ghent. Pause here to enjoy the picture-postcard views: the Graslei and Korenlei with the Old Fish Market, the Castle of the Counts in the distance, St Michael’s Church, the back of Het Pand and, of course, all three of Ghent’s famous towers in a row. It is only from this bridge that you can capture all three of them in one single picture.

St Michael’s Bridge used to be a flat turntable bridge, but it was replaced by stone arches at the beginning of the 20th century. In the middle of the bridge is a beautiful central lantern with a bronze statue of St Michael. Cameras at the ready!

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