The fountain at Charles De Kerchovelaan goes back to 1898 and pays tribute to the liberal mayor Charles De Kerchove, who ruled the city of Ghent from 1857 to 1882. The statue is standing amidst an elegant water feature.

The bust of Charles De Kerchove adorns the side of the Kortrijksesteenweg. The four heads on the fountain represent the four rivers, i.e. the Scheldt, the Lys, the Lieve and the Rietgracht. The three virgins under the bust represent education, industry and fine arts. On top of the column you can see a woman standing on one leg, which is a representation of  immortality and invincibility.

In 2017, the fountain underwent some major and minor repair works. For example, the inscriptions have been restored, the old layers of paint have been removed and replaced with a new protective layer, the basins have been repaired with a waterproof mortar, and the bluestone has been restored.

In addition, the renewed fountain has been equipped with a few technological features, which ensure minimal water wastage and the fountain can be controlled remotely. The illumination  has also been replaced by energy-efficient LEDs.

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