Brussels has one, but Ghent has no fewer than four. At the Kraanlei one proud Manneke Pis, Nestor, and two Meisjes Pis, Lena and Luna are displayed.

The bronze statue Manneke Pis Nestor has been there for some time, but the two girls have joined on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Ghent association De Sosseteit van de Gensche Mannekes Pies Twielink. Lena and Luna, by the artist Stefaan De Visscher, joined Manneke pis Nestor in 2014. The girls owe their names to a real Ghentian twin.

The fourth, stone, figurine houses at  The House of Alijn. The more reason to walk a little further along the Kraanlei and to visit the museum.


Lena, Nestor en Luna
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