This charming area on the left bank of the river Lys breathes art. People who are into collectibles, art and antiques are sure to find what they are looking for here. Just as in Paris, this area around Ajuinlei, Jan Breydelstraat, Brugstraat and Onderbergen is the home base of art schools, galleries and the Sunday book market.

Cross the Lys behind the Veldstraat and discover the hidden peace of Onderbergen. Stroll past the attractive buildings, and prepare for a voyage of discovery. These façades hide many more surprises than a glance up the street would suggest. 

Onderbergen is a street that whisks you away from the buzz and activity of the Veldstraat. Discover trendy shops with original concepts, cosy terraces in the shade and have lunch among the mansions. And whether you’re looking for trendy women’s shoes, a refined restaurant or the perfect spot to grab lunch, everything in Onderbergen is only a stone’s throw away.

An area for gourmets

Stroll around in the many side streets of Linkeroever – such as Jan Breydelstraat – and discover trendy coffee bars, specialist shops and culinary highlights. Treat your taste buds to Onderbergen. One of the highlights of the street is Domestica. This  really is something for gourmets with an eye for culinary detail! Or go for organic seasonal delights in Het Lepelblad. Just around the corner in Jakobijnenstraat is Balls & Glory, with countless dishes based on handmade meatballs. Call in at Alice near St Michael's Church for a quick lunch. Or why not just walk along the street and see where your nose takes you? Look left and right and choose from a huge range of options.

Lightning Bird Tree

Don’t miss this dazzling example of light art. Art lovers and romantics cross the bridge to Jakobijnenstraat after sunset. This blue creation, a reference to the story L’Oiseau Blue by Ghent Nobel Prize winner Maurice Maeterlinck, is a real sight for sore eyes. Note that the work of art is only visible until midnight. So keep an eye on the time!