When the last of the party people leave the Oude Beestenmarkt (the old animal market), startled by the daylight, the first bird sellers are already setting up their stalls. This is a curious moment when two completely different ways of life briefly brush shoulders. In the place where the clucking of chickens blends with the voices of early birds on a Sunday morning, you will find a vibrant club scene by night.

Music and more

Many a pint has flowed from the taps on the Oude Beestenmarkt. But there is a thriving music scene as well. Club 69 is one of the coolest dance clubs in the city. There is always a great DJ at the decks. Just step inside and let yourself be moved by the beat!

Coffee and a quick snack

Yet of course, the place doesn’t shut down in the daytime. It’s a great place to sit in the sun as well! Or do you need a shot of caffeine? Cross the road to Bar Bidon. This trendy cycling bar is always open for coffee or a light lunch.

What’s in a name?

At night, it’s a hubbub of people, but in the daytime it is quiet and peaceful. Little children come here with their parents to look at the baby rabbits, scratching chickens and other small animals looking for a home.

The Oude Beestenmarkt continues to be a market where pets are sold, but you can also buy a second-hand bike here.

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