In addition to an undeniable masterpiece, the Ghent Altarpiece is also a rich source of information about the fauna and flora of the Middle Ages. With no less than 75 different flowers, plants and trees, the Van Eyck brothers turned the polyptych into a paradise garden full of symbolism.

Discover the creations

The products of these craftsmen can be obtained from the makers themselves or in the Van Eyck shop.

Bluet, the beauty and purity of nature

Every season, Bluet gets inspired by the beauty and purity of nature and she only produces bouquets that are respectful of the environment. She works exclusively with organic and ecologically grown flowers and plants, supplemented with fair-trade exotic flowers. On request, Bluet creates Ghent Altarpiece bouquets with seasonal flowers and plants depicted in the painting.

Blommm, 100% honest flowers

Paulien Verhaest is a florist who offers locally grown organic flowers. Working together with local producers, she aims to make the sector more sustainable. For the Van Eyck year, Blommm produces herbal infusions, flower and plant cards, seed bombs with seeds from flowers depicted in the Ghent Altarpiece, and a birthday calendar created together with illustrator Sassafras De Bruyn. 

ANiiNA, heavenly soaps and cremes

Artist Karien Vandekerkhove has produced hand-made olive oil soaps and cold creams since 2008. She only uses wholesome natural ingredients of premium quality. Her soaps are organic and have not been tested on animals. Karien Vandekerkhove is a big fan of the Flemish Primitives. Her citrus and rose soap is a tribute to the wealth of plants depicted in the Ghent Altarpiece. “In heaven, everyone uses our soaps!”

My paradise, a global garden

Throughout the Van Eyck year you can enjoy the flora of the Ghent Altarpiece at various locations. For 10 days, the Floralies Palace is the backdrop for the most beautiful creations of top national and international florists, ornamental horticulturalists, landscape architects and artists. Discover the fruit orchard on the renovated Maaseikplein or stroll in the beautiful garden of Villa Emma.

Discover the creations in the Van Eyck shop