• Hilde Langeraert

    Hilde Langeraert has worked at the Museum of Industry in Ghent for ten years. As a history student, she fell in love with the museum because the subject fascinates her. How are goods manufactured? Where do people work? The relevance of her research topic is what drives Hilde Langeraert forward. As curator, she coordinates all exhibitions that come to life at the Museum of Industry.  

  • Lieta Goethijn

    Lieta Goethijn is responsible for the food strategy of the city of Ghent.  As a mum, she also tries to cook healthy and sustainable meals at home.  Her magic words? Local, social, sustainable, respectful. Being a vegetarian and a member of a self-picking farm, Lieta enthusiastically adheres to the principle “practice what you preach”

  • Rick Molyneux

    In 2013, Rick Molyneux sprayed his first spray cans empty as a graffiti artist. In 2015, he established Wallin’ vzw and created an organisation providing opportunities to street artists: connecting artists to walls and clients, funding projects, organising graffiti jams and workshops. This how Rick and his companions literally make the world a nicer place.


  • Tony Wheeler

    Tony Wheeler is an Australian born in England. His name might not sound familiar, but the name of his iconic travel guides probably does: Lonely Planet. The series of guides, which he created with his wife Maureen, has since been imitated many times, yet never matched. As the ‘inventor’ of modern travel guides, Tony has visited many places around the world. It was high time he discovered Ghent.