Lieta Goethijn

Lieta Goethijn is responsible for the food strategy of the city of Ghent.  As a mum, she also tries to cook healthy and sustainable meals at home.  Her magic words? Local, social, sustainable, respectful. Being a vegetarian and a member of a self-picking farm, Lieta enthusiastically adheres to the principle “practice what you preach”

  • In Ghent a short chain is the rule

    Are you someone who likes to know where the food you buy comes from? Who produced them, how they are produced, what you can do with them? Then, like me, you’re a fan of a short-chain food system, where the food on your plate has passed through as few intermediaries as possible. Local products and a short food chain are big in Ghent.
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  • A Burgundian, yet sustainable lifestyle: it’s possible

    The epicureans among us can enjoy good food without having to give up on their social and environmental awareness. In Ghent, we have been demonstrating for years that even the most Burgundian food culture can be based on sustainable values: local, zero waste, vegetable.
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