We cannot answer the question ‘what is art?’. But if you were to ask ‘where is art?’, then our answer is ‘in Ghent!’. In Ghent, art can be found outdoors and indoors, whether it’s official or unofficial, large or small, loud or quiet. In Ghent’s museums, you will be immersed in art on a variety of topics, from Flemish Masters and science to psychiatry or industry. Art in Ghent is aimed at the whole family, with activities that also excite children. And events such as the Light Festival, the street art festival ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ or the Museum Night add on to the artsy vibes in the city.

  • Ghent’s street art scene is a fascinating melting pot

    Ghent owes its flourishing street art scene to generations of artists rebelliously doing their thing, often in empty properties. Today, Ghent’s legal graffiti circuit is also alive and kicking, allowing every type of artist to seize their opportunity.
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