During this three-day festival, you’ll be able to discover twenty street sport disciplines, as well as various aspects of urban culture. This sports discovery weekend offers activities for people of all ages and takes place at various locations across the city.

ASFALT focuses on (the power of) the street, as it is the perfect place to share passions and develop skills. Think, for example, of street sports such as BMX and street culture elements such as graffiti. This event is part of “European Youth Capital 2024” (EYC), the title given to Ghent to hold proudly all year long.

Street sports extravaganza

Local, national and international top athletes will show their talent during competitions, showcases, demonstrations and workshops, organised at four different locations in the city.

The World Cup Skateboarding is the perfect opportunity to see international top skateboarders at work in the skate park of the Blaarmeersen recreational area and Flanders Sports Arena.

Lovers of break dancing and other related street and club dancing styles should definitely go to Houtdok, as national and international dancing competitions will be organised here! International BMX Flatland athletes will also show their tricks and talent, and nine-time world champion trial bike Kenny Belaey will give demonstrations and introduction sessions.

Houtdok, Rabotpark and Groenevalleipark are the places to be if you want to watch some street football or 3x3 basketball games. You can also be more than a mere spectator: bring your sportswear and try your hand at these sports.

World Chase Tag is an impressive combination of tag and parkour, played at a staggering speed and at the highest level! 

The Open Belgian Championship Panna Football, the most creative form of street football, will take place in Rabotpark.

If you want to discover various challenging sports in an accessible way, be sure to visit Groenevalleipark, as it will be the hotspot for bouldering, CrossFit, frisbee and roller.

For fans of urban culture

Do you love all things urban? Then the ASFALT festival will be right up your alley. You can take part in different initiatives, such as an urban market, talks, live radio sessions, workshops on graffiti, tattoos, yoga, slam poetry and spoken word.

ASFALT Festival

This activity takes place on a location within the low emission zone

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