There is little art that inspires young people as much as street art. From striking large murals that stand out to expertly hidden works on façades: street art gives colour to Ghent’s streets, squares and parks. It’s about time, then, that we organised a graffiti walk through the city centre tailored to kids.

A few kilometres of walking fun 

It’s not difficult to understand why kids love street art so much. Playfully and freely painting a wall seems an irresistible idea. In Ghent, graffiti artists have free rein. From huge murals and small stencils to an entire graffiti street: the range of spray-painted art is extensive. With a distance of 2.5 kilometres, the street art walk for families is also feasible for small children. Are your kids a little older? You have the option to extend the walk.  

Larger and smaller masterpieces 

The basic walk takes you along fourteen works (number 1 to 14 below). You’ll be able to let your eyes wander along a hidden interpretation of Jan Van Eyck, a tribute to the late singer Luc De Vos, an artwork on lockers for homeless people and so much more. The additional tour guides you past another dozen artworks (numbers 15 to 26). Prepare for a mural for children’s rights organisation Tzitemzo, a colourful quartet in Wellingstraat and an intriguing hare on the wall, among other things.  

Culture and commerce 

You’ll encounter much more than just street art during the walk. You’ll also walk past the Castle of the Counts, where you can see another hidden graffiti artwork (more info on the walk). The family-friendly museums the House of Alijn and the Museum of Industry are also on the itinerary. Feel like spending some money? Then you must pay a visit to Serpentstraat, because with shops such as Mus in een Plas and The Wonder Years, it is a shopper’s paradise.  

And beyond that… 

You’ll also encounter a few fun outdoor spaces, such as Park Sluizeken, with a small playground, and the larger Baudelopark. Near the Graffiti Street, you’ll also pass Hof van Rijhove, a medieval garden that is accessible via a gate in Onderstraat. And thanks to the many lovely cafés and restaurants along the way, you can prevent the dreaded ‘Muuum, I’m hungry’.  

Good to know: the Ghent Graffiti Street is a graffiti tolerance zone, which means that any creative person can let loose with their spray cans. There is only one rule: respect the work that is better than yours. And be honest!