Ghent’s past as a port is revived in the Oude Dokken area, a district to the north of the city centre. The Houtdok is the first dock to get a make-over with the creation of a delightful promenade and a beautiful park.

The Kapitein Zeppos park, the first park that was finished in the district, is a great place to relax.  It has a surface area of three hectares and features references to the maritime past of the site.  The lowered quays, the beach area and the restored quay walls create a very distinct atmosphere.  Everyone can have fun thanks to the two play areas, the sports grounds and the outdoor fitness area. 

Feel like walking? Good idea!

The Houtdok is also the starting point of a long promenade along the quay, which is considered to be the backbone of this part of the city. Old cranes, railway tracks and bollards refer to the rich past of the docks area in an aesthetically appealing manner.  The full potential of this urban regeneration project truly emerges at the Houtdok!  

A visit to the old Ghent docks

This 7.5km walk takes you along the former quays, loading and unloading docks, warehouses, harbour cranes, industrial relics and new developments. You’ll explore Handelsdok and Houtdok, and an (optional) extra 2.5-kilometre loop will guide you through Ghent’s largest listed townscape: the Voorhaven area.

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