This winter, Ghent will once again show its most beautiful side thanks to the sparkle of the magical Christmas lighting and splendidly decorated shop windows. Put on your winter coat and enjoy a walk in a magical winter atmosphere.

Fiery dragons warm the city

Decorated Christmas trees and thousands of lights make Ghent and its submunicipalities completely irresistible this winter. Since 1377, the golden dragon on the Belfry has watched over the city throughout the year. Additional dragons are added at the end of the year: large luminous dragons and festoon lights shaped like dragons that create ceilings of light spanning the shopping streets. Can you find them all?

Winter walks

Because we bring a bit of magic to Ghent in the Christmas and winter period, it‘s our ambition to create an atmosphere of warmth and cheerfulness in the city. Take a walk in our beautifully lit city and stop along the way for a hot chocolate or a Christmas coffee with a piece of pie or a delicious waffle to warm your insides. 

Even if you have no specific destination, a walk through the many old streets will enhance the Christmas feeling. Be sure to pass by the Castle of the Counts: in winter it’s even more enchanting. Or take a stroll along Graslei and Korenlei, where the beautiful façades and atmospheric lighting are reflected in the river Lys.

Tip: thanks to Ghent's light plan, the city is beautifully lit all year round. Take the time to discover both these and the end-of-year lights on a magical walk.

This activity takes place on a location within the low emission zone

Are you driving to Ghent? First check whether you may enter the city centre with your vehicle. Clean vehicles may enter the city centre free of charge, polluting vehicles have to pay. Is your vehicle allowed to enter, but do you not have a Belgian or Dutch number plate? You will ALWAYS have to register!

Find out all there is to know about Ghent’s low emission zone (LEZ) here
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