The Christmas period is the time of the year to surprise your family and friends with the perfect gift. The magical street lighting and beautifully decorated shop windows give you a warm feeling in the coldest days of the year.

Are you looking for a suitable gift? (Re)discover your neighbourhood, support the Ghent economy and shop locally!

Meet the Ghentian behind the counter

No, the beautifully decorated shop windows were not made by elves.  They’re the product of the creative minds of the respective shop owners. So don’t be shy and enter! These owners gladly introduce themselves to you.

Au Bon Marché has been the place to be for everyone who likes to rummage around. From jewellery over leatherware and accessories to small gifts: every single item has stolen our heart – by its beauty, quality or craftsmanship. Many of them were created by Belgian designers. We want you to feel good, self-confident and beautiful when you look in the mirror. So you can go home with a special gift you can cherish.

We are O'yo, a healthy breakfast/lunch bar located at Brabantdam. We offer a large variety of healthy, home-made and allergen-free dishes (including vegan), full of vitamins and authentic ingredients. Taste our delicious pancakes here or buy the mix and make them yourself at home!

Welcome to the BeKindCrew! At AO76, we set great store by the happiness and comfort of children.  We create high-quality clothing for adventurous kids and teenagers. The style is playful, with a touch of humour and a little extra flair. Be sure to take a look in our shop or on our website.  We’re ready to let your children shine in their new outfits!

One thing is clear, we’re all in need of some hope and warmth. That’s why we have transformed our coffee bar Madam Bakster into a take-away Christmas market.  Enjoy a freshly baked Brussels waffle (completely vegetal and gluten-free) with a delicious topping and hot hazelnut milk. Would you prefer to eat waffles in your pyjamas? Then we have good news for you! You can buy our gluten-free mix and make our waffles at home. Are you game?

Sustainable, eco-friendly and above all, authentic. These are the values I endorse. In Off The Shelf you can find a wide variety of unique, authentic and colourful design items and utensils, cosmetics, textile and stationery.  Directly from their creator or small-scale enterprises worldwide, who all have one thing in common: they have a clean conscience.  Discover their stories in this shop.

How can you best describe The Fallen Angels? Paradise for trinkets with original old advertising and film posters from the early 1900s to 1970, tin boxes, old toys and bears, kitschy postcards,.... But also a lot of nice and affordable gift articles, a lot of nice toys, for almost 16 years our own collection of cards, posters, and so on. A household name in Ghent for 40 and 21 years.

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