Mirror Mirror, Fashion & the Psyche, a double exhibition in the Ghent Dr. Guislain Museum and MoMu – Fashion Museum Antwerp, explores the connection between fashion, psychology, self-image and identity.

Clothes and style are not only the work of well-known designers. Sometimes they are created in isolation, for example in a psychiatric hospital or in the privacy of one’s living room. They can fulfil desires, spread a message and enter into dialogue with the world of fashion.

The Dr. Guislain Museum brings together creations by artists who use clothes and textile to claim their place in the world. Even though their work belongs on the street’s catwalk, it is rarely put in the spotlight. You’ll see designs by Marcel Bascoulard, Jane Fradgley, Christopher Kane, Yumiko Kawai, Bas Kosters & Ayse Somuncu, Ezekiel Messou, Giovanni Batista Podestà, Kenneth Rasmussen, Melina Riccio, Joseph Schneller, Henry Speller, Pascal Tassini, A.F. Vandevorst, Giuseppe Versino, ROB Walbers, Nana Yamazaki and others.

The MOMU exhibition focuses on the personal experience of the body and starts a dialogue between art installations and avant-garde fashion. The themes in this part of the exhibition are body dysmorphia, the meaning and history of human replicas such as dolls and mannequins, and the symbiosis between art, fashion and technology in the form of cyborgs and avatars.

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