Discover authentic Japanese cuisine and enjoy the flavours of traditional noodle soups. At Zuru Zuru Ramen, you can try the intense umami flavour bombs that will give you an unforgettable culinary experience. Stop by and slurp away!

Ramen, or healthy Japanese noodle soups, are the essence of this menu. They have the perfect blend of nutritious ingredients, making them perfect as a balanced lunch or dinner. The home-made noodles made from local organic flour and local organic pork create an unparallelled taste experience. Chef Nick acquiered his experience in Yokohama and is now preparing original recipes in Ghent.

Zuru Zuru Ramen not only serves tasty dishes, it has also become a meeting place for Japan lovers and foodies. They also regularly organise workshops and tasting sessions to share their passion for Japanese cuisine. Enjoy the well-priced lunch menu and discover the extensive range of saké and green tea. Yokoso!

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