In 2021 too, Ghent will show how Van Eyck has left his mark on the city, six centuries on. We must not forget that the Ghent Altarpiece is so much more than a piece of world heritage. It is a live icon that continues to fascinate and inspire. Van Eyck's legacy permeates the whole of Ghent and has become part of the city's DNA. Generation after generation, he continues to inspire new masters, whose works are proudly put in the spotlight.

The Ghent Altarpiece online

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The craftsmen of Van Eyck

More than seventy Ghentish creators have created a product or design inspired by the Ghent Altarpiece. Each and every one of them a passionate artisan who, just like Jan Van Eyck in the fifteenth century, are keeping artisanal mastery alive with the utmost care, knowledge, and patience. 

The Van Eyck creators practice a broad range of crafts, leading to a great diversity of unique products: jewellery, hats, floral arrangements, beer, rugs, shawls, handbags, ceramics, glassware… The variety on offer is tremendous. Their exclusive products will be offered for sale in the Van Eyck shop underneath the Belfry.

Van Eyck Street Art

You can easily see Van Eyck come to life in Ghent. On top of all the flags, craftsmen shields and advertisement, Ghent welcomes a number of top national and international artists to brighten up the city center with a work of art inspired by the Mystic Lamb. Discover the artisitic works of a.o.Hyuro, Smates and Isaac Cordal throughout the city.