On the occasion of the theme year "OMG! Van Eyck was here", Ghent welcomes a number of top national and international artists to brighten up the city center with a work of art inspired by the Mystic Lamb.

Hyuro - surrealism with a message

Since the end of August, the first Van Eyck wall painting by the Argentinian artist Hyuro has adorned the corner of Bij Sint-Jacobs. Hyuro is known for her dreamlike, surrealistic compositions in which women often play the leading role. The soft colors in her work give her pictorial style an intimate and delicate atmosphere. She also remained true to her recognizable style for her interpretation of the Mystic Lamb on the facade of the antique shop Dino Antiques.

With the sheet, which covers three people, Hyuro makes the link with the rich fabrics and robes that can be seen on the Ghent Altarpiece. The floral motif is a nod to the botanical splendor on the Altarpiece. The artist also likes to incorporate a political message in her works. With this 'mural' she wants to raise the refugee issue and the way in which the politics deal with it.

Pastel - flora in the city

After Hyuro, it was Pastel, another Argentinian artist, who gave the rear façade of Kuiperskaai 14 a true transformation. His work "Pilgrims Pot" is largely inspired by the Ghent Altarpiece. We previously saw the flowers - roses, lilies and columbines - on the Mystic Lamb on Mary's crown. The flowerpot was decorated with the background of the panel with the pilgrims.

Pastel's work can be defined as "Urban acupuncture" in which he uses murals as the start of renewing non-places, starting from the local identity of the place, the flora.

Isaac Cordal - lonely in society

The Spanish artist Isaac Coral makes statuettes inspired by the panels with the portrayals of Adam and Eve. There are 15 miniature couples scattered throughout the city center along the street, high above a doorway, on the windowsill, etc.

Isaac Cordals works can be found in the streets of London, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Brussels, ... You have probably walked past them without noticing anything. The statuettes are tucked away on facades, electricity cables, drains and other unexpected places. In this way the artist emphasizes the loneliness and isolation of modern times. His work is a critical reflection on our behavior.

Strook - serene silhouettes

The Belgian artist STROOK, in daily life simply known as Stefaan De Croock, also represents homegrown talent. As part of the Van Eyck year, he will perform a diptych in the Braderijstraat, on the side wall of B&B Great Gent, as an ode to Van Eyck and the Mystic Lamb.

At first sight his work shows us two figures that are depicted diagonally opposite each other. Actually it is one single person looking in the mirror, in confrontation with itself. Whereas Van Eyck chose themes in religious spheres, De Croock clearly opts for a more personal approach. A nice fact: the work of art is really Ghent. STROOK used recycled scrap wood from St Bavo's Cathedral, LUCA School of Arts, a former supporter café of KAA Ghent and the Leopold Barracks.

The artist, who himself studied at LUCA School of Arts, is known for his subdued silhouettes from weathered wood, which was degraded by time. His work could already be seen from Watou to Mexico City.

Smates - The Monuments Men

Following the cinema release of 'The Monuments Men' in 2014, Belgian graffiti artist Bart Smeets painted a large mural on the side wall of the mansion on the corner of Predikherenlei and Van Stopenberghestraat, close to St. Bavo’s Cathedral. Film producer 20th Century Fox was looking for a contemporary way to promote ‘The Monuments Men’. The city of Ghent welcomed this contemporary work with open arms, a permanent promotion of the Ghent Altarpiece, which plays a prominent role in this film.

Discover street art during the Seven Senses Tour

Do you want to admire these beautiful works with a guide? During the Seven Senses Tour, a Ghent host will take you on a sensory walk through Ghent's city center. In addition to street art works, you will be taken along historic gems, navigating the inland waterways and introduced to some of the  Ghentian craftsmen. All your senses are challenged during this unique experience.

The Ghent street art map

Can't get enough of street art? Under the label SORRY, NOT SORRY, the City of Ghent supports street art all year round, with the most visible examples being the large murals that can be admired throughout the city. Explore the Ghent murals using the street art map.