Oude Beestenmarkt square has never had a lack of bars. Or party animals.

Oude Beestenmarkt, Ghent

In the 1990s, Oude Beestenmarkt was no longer used as a marketplace for livestock, but dogs and cats were still sold here. And that is probably no coincidence, since Oude Beestenmarkt is also popular among party animals. And in 2000, Café Video even turned it into hipster central, together with Club 69 – from the makers of Culture Club. 

It has to be said, however, that Atlantic, the precursor of Club 69, was also pretty famous in its day. Not in the least because the studio of Soulwax (aka The Fucking Dewaele Brothers aka 2manydjs) was located above it. Fun fact: Deewee Studio, Soulwax’s current studio, is situated next to it.

Bardot, Suite 16, Chocolate Club, Café Gomez, Club IIII, BarBroos, … Since Oude Beestenmarkt has become a superstar in Ghent’s night sky, every venue has changed its name or manager at least once. But the square’s excellent reputation has remained unchanged.

Tracklist of the Club 69 compilation