Ganda, as Ghent was originally called, arose at the confluence of the Lys and the Scheldt. On that site there is now a marina for passing boat traffic, Portus Ganda.

Once filled in to make room for the almighty car, the Lower Scheldt has today been restored to its former glory. Bridges and parks, cosy pavement cafés and a wonderfully restored art deco swimming pool all make up one of Ghent’s most beautiful (new) little corners. 

A red naked girl is sitting on a wooden construction in the water near the Van Eyck swimming pool.  The locals have dubbed her “the Ghent Lorelei”. The girls with the headphones is a work by sculptor Johan Meirlaen, who used a small  boat one night to put the sculpture on the wooden pier. During the first few days, no-one knew who the artist behind the work was, but now Johan Meirlaen's red girl is an integral part of Portus Ganda.

Drop anchor at Portus Ganda, less than a kilometre from the heart of the city. You will find all the facilities you need in the splendid Van Eyck swimming baths.

Do you want to reserve a spot for your boat at Portus Ganda? Send an email to the address included in the contact details.

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