Jan Van Eyck is a world painter of stature. He effortlessly paints the smallest details, the most beautiful fabrics and the smallest miniatures in a realistic, natural way. His color palette, texture and floral motifs are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for many artists to this day.

Meet the creators

The products of these creators can be obtained in the Van Eyck shop.

Manelprints, unique textile prints

For the Van Eyck year, Manelprints drew inspiration from the abundance of plants depicted on the Ghent Altarpiece, the particular painting technique and the layers of paints that sometimes only appear during restoration. She uses this exclusive design for mobile phone sleeves and cushions.

Joke en Tinneke Bleys, gadgets in ceramics

Joke and Tinneke Bleys are the perfect creative duo. Tinneke makes the Mystic Lamb drawings for the ceramic works of her twin sister Joke. The poetic illustrations adorn mugs, coasters, earrings and brooches. Joke also has colour as a link with the Mystic Lamb in her earrings. Must-haves for those who love subtle and timeless elegance.

Szonja Dàniel, nature and science as one

Szonja Dàniel's graduation work in her final year of textile design at KASK School of Arts Ghent was themed around the Ghent Altarpiece. This resulted in an exclusive high-quality plaid with floral motifs from the Ghent Altarpiece. This exceptional item with offbeat woven details and wonderful colours is produced in Flanders.

Vera Vermeersch, artful tapestries

Vera Vermeersch has her own tufting workshop, where she manufactures artisanal tapestries and rugs which are inspired by her travels, Italian landscapes, antique tapestries and old masters. On the occasion of the Van Eyck year, she borrowed ideas from the draping in Jan Van Eyck’s painting and produced a series of seven abstract tapestries.

Elise Tufting, unique and handmade

Elise Tufting, the brand of Els de Munck, stands for unique hand-crafted rugs of the finest quality. There are no limits when it comes to colour, shape or complexity. She has created a round rug centred around the Lamb, just like Van Eyck’s altarpiece. The background colours red, green, blue and ochre are also derived from this masterpiece.

Atelier Caro, timeless class

Caroline Kesteleyn shapes ceramic objects which are timeles. Light colours, natural materials and home-made glazes are her trademark. Caro-K's unique Van Eyck dishes are characterised by warm colours and a playful detail from the Ghent Altarpiece and are finished with a touch of gold. She also gives workshops on request.

Carron Ceramics, ecological design

Photographer, filmmaker and ceramicist Jelle Carron uses a paper cup as a mould as a statement against the consumer society. For the Van Eyck year, he has created two coffee cups that draw attention to the wonderful result of restoration in terms of shape (dented versus smooth) and colour (dull versus bright).

Mariken Dumon, works of art in glass

Mariken Dumon creates contemporary artisanal glass objects for everyday use. Glassblowing is an art form she has mastered. Inspired by the Ghent Altarpiece and on the occasion of the Van Eyck year, she has created a limited series of mouth-blown vases featuring drops as a reference to the stream of water spouting from the fountain of life. Each vase has a different shape and is completely unique.

Atrium Glaskunst, light in dialogue

The driving force behind Atrium Glaskunst, Mieke Verwaetermeulen is currently restoring the stained-glass windows of St Bavo's Cathedral. For the Van Eyck year, she has created a cast-glass vase with bowl. The motif on the vase refers to the craquelure of the painting, while the motif on the bowl refers to the textile on the altar.

Studio E.V.A., from design to realisation

Graphic designer Nadja Roegiers and furniture maker Dirk Hoes make up STUDIO-E.V.A known for its hand-craft sustainable products. For OMG! Van Eyck was here, Studio E. V. A. has created a two-sided oak serving tray. The Ghent Altarpiece was also painted on oak panels, and the also refers to the wooden blocks used during the restorations for reinforcing the panels. The brass circle represents the sun in the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb.

Helen B, everydayness with a cheerful note

Helen Blanchaert, also known as Helen B, adds a humorous touch to recognisable situations or characters. For the Van Eyck year, she has crafted mugs which feature a contemporary version of the Ghent Altarpiece figures. God with selfie stick and soccer scarf. Or Adam and Eve with a tattoo and striped socks who are having a drink together. Anything is possible in Helen B’s universe.

Fragmenture, modern day from a different perspective

Lies Van Kerckhove designs furniture as well as interior decoration with a playful touch. Her Van Eyck creation is a triptych of marble candleholders, an abstract reference to the altarpiece and the religious symbol of the Holy Trinity. Production is take care of by Compaan, a social business aimed at integrating people in the labour market.

Studiomie, experience and wonder

The driving force behind Studiomie, Mieke De Maeyer effortlessly combines several disciplines: styling, interior design, product design and visual arts. The paradisiacal garden in the Ghent Altarpiece inspired her to create a series of Japanese woodcuts printed on fine paper.

Ilyvero Bika-Candles, handmade elegance

Inge-Lise Vermeire makes artisanal candles. She learnt the craft at her mother's knee, since both her mother and her aunt made candles. A white candle that bleeds when burning, her ‘Mystic Lam(p)’ refers to the symbolism of the Lamb of God depicted in the Ghent Altarpiece and to the lamb ice cream cake which is traditionally served at confirmations in Flanders. 

Meisterwerke, woven art

Isabelle Torrelle and Marcos Ludueña-Segre of Meisterwerke have reached the same quality of textile art as in the Middle Ages. Their sophisticated weaving technique gives the impression of textile painting. The combination with Isabelle’s high-quality contemporary designs results in exclusive acoustic tapestries and accessories with humorous references to the Ghent Altarpiece.

Colour, design and geometry

Discover the virtuosity of Van Eyck in even more events and exhibitions. Art historian Aletta Rambaut, specialized in stained glass windows, examined all paintings by the Flemish master and made the link with still existing stained glass windows or fragments. In the Design Museum Ghent, the Van Eyck color palette acts as a source of inspiration for 'Kleureyck'. In the St.- Nicholas' church, the Ghent Altarpiece comes alive in 'Lights on Van Eyck' in a magical, multimedia spectacle.

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