Are you a lover of art treasures? Gallery St-John has countless gems to catch your eye. Antiques, paintings and sculptures, art objects, furniture and ancient books. The door of this gallery is always open to collectors. It also welcomes anyone looking to sell an old work of art. The Chapel of St. John of the Boiling Oil, which houses the gallery, probably has the richest history of all!

Art gallery in a chapel

Are you still looking for that one special antique or the right painting to make your interior complete? This old baroque chapel in Ghent, in the shadow of St James’ Church, is where you are bound to find it! The gallery owners have spent 30 years travelling around Europe in search of rare collectors’ items. The results bear witness to a profound passion for the arts. Around 3000 high-quality art objects are on display here, so it well worth going to take a look!

Professional advice

Are you spoilt for choice between all these works of art? Emmy, Raf and Leo Steel, the representatives of this family business, are experienced art experts. They will help you search for what you need, help you with valuation or advise you on buying or selling items. You can rely on their professionalism and discretion.

The history behind the façade

There is even more to this gallery than the items exhibited inside it. The history of the building itself goes back almost a thousand years. The current building was designed and constructed by the master builder Bernard De Wilde in 1748. Its façade is typical of the Ghent baroque style. But before De Wilde demolished it to make way for his new building, there was a hospital or almshouse on the site. The poor and mentally ill had been cared for there since the 12th century. In the 19th century, the chapel became the place of worship for Ghent’s Anglican community, and was rechristened St John’s Church. That is where the art gallery got its name.

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