The redevelopment of the Handelsdok in Ghent is part of the Oude Dokken urban regeneration project. The purpose of this project is to transform the former dock area into a living, working and recreational area. The Handelsdok is the largest of the three old docks and thus offers a lot of possibilities.

Dok Noord and Handelsdokkaai

Along Dok Noord, new life has been breathed into the ACEC industrial site. This site is alive 24/7 thanks to the combination of modern businesses, flats and a wide range of leisure shops and restaurants. Settle down on the terrace of HAL16 or WAY and watch the whole neighbourhood pass by your table.

The quay area of the Handelsdok has been completely redeveloped, giving cyclists and pedestrians all the space they need.  A wide concrete path connects the water, the future green areas and a number of residential areas that are currently under construction.  Elements referring to earlier times, like the tracks for the quay cranes and old mooring chains, have been cleverly incorporated into the design. 


On the other side is Schipperskaai, where new jetties for - sometimes impressive - houseboats have been created, with a wide quay alongside them.  It’s the perfect place to go for a walk, discover Ghent’s most eccentric school Melopee and browse a flea market now and then.  Another good idea is to relax and have a drink in the outdoor area of the local coffee bar.  

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