SoGo is the biggest shopping area in Ghent with no fewer than 450 distinctive shops! Here you can find the established names. Stylish boutiques, quirky restaurants and specialist shops that have been around for generations. Referencing trendy SoHo in New York, this Ghent area is a must-do for everyone who loves fashion and culture.

Do you want to get to the city centre from the student area or ’t Zuid? It’s shopping all the way! Follow the endless row of fashion shops in Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat, Walpoortstraat and Kortedagsteeg. The chic shoe shops and famous brands, streetwear shops and outlets are every shopaholic’s dream. And you haven’t even got to the centre yet!

Fashion, fashion and more fashion

With a break here and there for a coffee house, eatery or café, you will find one fashion store after another from the Vooruit to the end of Kortedagsteeg. In Vlaanderenstraat, Brabantdam and Kouterdreef you can find casual chic for everyone in the many modern brand shops and sleekly designed fashion stores. A great outlet for those who want to pay less for that little bit more. And if you’re environmentally conscious, you will also find a second-hand clothing store at the crossroads with Lammerstraat!

Culture shopping

If you love culture, you need to be at the corner of Lammerstraat and Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat. That’s where you’ll find Arts Centre Vooruit. Want to see a show? Be sure to take a look at the programme of this temple to culture! The magnificent building was a dance hall for the Ghent workers' movement not so long ago. Transformed many years ago, it now opens its doors to all culture lovers. Near the Vooruit is the Minard, one of the oldest theatres in the city. And De Krook, the ultramodern centre where culture, innovation and knowledge meet.