Whether you like water adventures, relaxing in a wellness pool or keeping yourself in shape by swimming laps: Ghent offers a lot of possibilities to go swimming, both indoors and outdoors. Come on, let’s dive in!

Indoor water fun

Ghent boast a few cool municipal swimming pools, which each have their own characteristics. The city's flagship pool is the Van Eyck swimming pool, an art-deco gem that was completely renovated in 2001. Just floating on your back has never been more aesthetically justified.

The Rooigem swimming pool has a large sports pool and a smaller pool for children of 11 by 10 m.  In addition, it boasts bubble baths, steam baths and a great wide water slide. Zwembad Strop not only has a sports pool and a children’s pool, but also a paddling pool with play equipment for the little ones.

The subtropical swimming paradise Lago Gent Rozebroeken is not operated by the city, but is certainly worth a visit.  In addition to a 50 m sports pool, it also boasts exciting water slides and a fantastic play area. Good for hours of swimming fun!

Outdoor swimming

In summer nothing is more relaxing than taking a swim outdoors. In Ghent that’s possible in the Blaarmeersen recreation park with an area especially equipped for children, a beach and water slides for more experienced swimmers. During the swimming season qualified lifeguards keep an eye on things.

Lago Gent Rozebroeken also has an outdoor swimming pool.

Blaarmeersen beach area: book your spot

Visiting the Blaarmeersen for a refreshing dip in the swimming pond or sunbathing on the beach?

As a non-resident of Ghent you can book online until the day before 9am at €1 per person; after 9am a day ticket costs €5 per person (free for children under 12 and visitors of the camping Blaarmeersen - Urban Gardens).

Book your spot here