Whether you like water adventures, relaxing in a wellness pool or keeping yourself in shape by swimming laps: Ghent offers a lot of possibilities to go swimming, both indoors and outdoors. Come on, let’s dive in!

Indoor water fun

Ghent boast a few cool municipal swimming pools, which each have their own characteristics. The city's flagship pool is the Van Eyck swimming pool, an art-deco gem that was completely renovated in 2001. Just floating on your back has never been more aesthetically justified.

The Rooigem swimming pool has a large sports pool and a smaller pool for children of 11 by 10 m.  In addition, it boasts bubble baths, steam baths and a great wide water slide. Zwembad Strop not only has a sports pool and a children’s pool, but also a paddling pool with play equipment for the little ones.

The subtropical swimming paradise Lago Gent Rozebroeken is not operated by the city, but is certainly worth a visit.  In addition to a 50 m sports pool, it also boasts exciting water slides and a fantastic play area. Good for hours of swimming fun!

Outdoor swimming

In summer nothing is more relaxing than taking a swim outdoors. In Ghent that’s possible in the Blaarmeersen recreation park with an area especially equipped for children, a beach and water slides for more experienced swimmers. During the swimming season qualified lifeguards keep an eye on things.

Lago Gent Rozebroeken also has an outdoor swimming pool.