Do you fancy a break in between two museum visits? Or do you just want to enjoy the architectural gems or the green environment? That’s no problem in Ghent. The city is full of places where you can buy a delicious (hot) drink and a tasty snack to take away. And a cool spot to sit down and enjoy them is really not hard to find.

Our favourite spots for a break

  • The Maaseikplein square at the foot of St Bavo’s cathedral is a great park featuring picnic tables, built-in trampolines and wooden sheep to climb on. Ideal for a break with tiny tots.
  • The splendid garden of St Peter’s Abbey, with a vineyard and ruins, is a green oasis in the city and is freely accessible. It’s a great place to relax and perhaps enjoy a snack. You’d almost forget you’re in Ghent. In winter the abbey’s illumination adds even more to the atmosphere.
  • Two more superb spots to take a break can be found near the Portus Ganda marina:  Veermanplein square and Coyendanspark. Here you are surrounded by greenery and have a great view of the water and the St Bavo’s Abbey. And there’s lots of room for the kids to play.
  • A timeless option is Zuidpark or Koning Albertpark, a patch of green in neo-baroque style, where chairs are available to move to wherever you want to sit. Have you brought your kids? Have a seat close to the playground and enjoy a few minutes of rest.
  • Furthermore, Ghent has numerous play areas and parks where you can stop to have a bite or a drink. There are lots of options, and you don’t even have to plan ahead. So immerse yourself in the city and simply go wherever your feet take you!

Our “house rules”

The city is making every possible effort to keep the parks in good condition and to provide enough waste bins. Be sure to clean up the place where you took your break before you leave.

Do you need to go to the toilet? There are plenty of public toilets  in the city, near the parks, car parks and public buildings.