The Ghent Festivities are not just about partying until the sun rises. Although this is something you should have experienced at least once, the Festivities are also a fun activity to do with your family. Many great activities for children take place on the various squares in Ghent.

To do with kids

The Ghent Festivities programme booklet includes many child-friendly activities: from a huge fairground on Vrijdagmarkt square and all kinds of workshops to a lively playground area in Koning Albertpark near De Zuid, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can also just walk around the city and be surprised by the street artists you encounter along the way. And as the tower of St Bavo’s Cathedral is only accessible during the Ghent Festivities, climbing the 444 steps is an experience not to be missed. 

Food and drinks

All these fun activities will make your stomach grumble! Fortunately, there are plenty of food and drink stands at the Ghent Festivities, so make your choice. Need a breather? Then look for a child-friendly restaurant in the city where you can go with your family. Looking for an experience? During the Festivities, you can try a medieval breakfast at the Museum of Industry. 

Chilling out

Although the Ghent Festivities are the epitome of ambiance, they can get a bit busy at times. If your child needs some time to unwind, you can visit a city park or a museum. Catch your breath in a relaxing place, so you can continue your visit to the Festivities! 

Going to bed on time

The Ghent Festivities are ten days of fun. It would therefore be a shame to only join in for one day. Stay the night in Ghent and enjoy the Festivities at a slower pace. Having breakfast together, exploring Ghent at your leisure in the morning, and taking a break in your hotel room in between the revelry: it’s the perfect formula to experience the Festivities, even with children. 

‘I need to wee!’

Planning a trip with kids requires a bit of preparation, doesn’t it? We’ll briefly list where you can plan a toilet visit, where you can find playgrounds and parks, and where you can fill up your water bottle in hot weather. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared! 

Tip: water bars are available at various locations in the city, e.g. at Zuidpark, Baudelohof and the Belfry. Don’t forget to bring your water bottle! 

Discover more of the Ghent Festivities

There is plenty more to be discovered at the Ghent Festivities: from national and international artists and free music and fun on 12 squares to children’s entertainment at various locations across town and hundreds of indoor and outdoor activities.