Every three years, Ghent is set ablaze with lights during the free Ghent Light Festival. This festival lights up the city with works by national and international light artists. The city’s nights will become the backdrop for a surprising spectacle, ingenious installations, spectacular performances and beautiful events, all based on light. Get ready to discover Ghent’s historic sites and monuments from a different angle.

Ghent with a little nightlight on

Even before there was the Ghent Light Festival, the city had already launched the Ghent Light Plan since 1998. A project that puts Ghent in a different light, highlights hidden architectural gems but above all creates an atmosphere and stimulates curiosity. Due to the clever connection between beauty and rational use of energy, this Light Plan has won several national and international awards.

Since its first edition in 2011, the Light Festival puts the internationally acclaimed Ghent lighting plan in the spotlight and gives you the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Ghent’s unique hidden charm after sunset.

The Light Festival on your own

So lace up those walking shoes, put on your warmest coat and off you go! You have 5 evenings to discover all the artworks along a 7.2km long trail. Don't forget to stop occasionally at the iconic locations you walk along the way. After all, you don't just walk down the Sleepstraat, Fluviusite or the Old Docks every night.

Don't have much time, are you out walking with children or just don't have the energy to walk 7.2km? No worries, you can easily divide the trail over the course of five evenings or you can take a smaller route. The route below is 3.5km long and allows you to admire 15 artworks. But please note, this smaller version is not indicated anywhere and follow the same direction of the trail.

Light Festival Ghent

Be amazed by more than 30 works of light art during this edition of Light Festival Ghent.

The trail is 7.2km long and takes you through the historic centre and along the Old Docks.

Multilingual: Dutch, French and English

A paper version of this map of the Ghent Light Festival is also available in your accommodation, the tourist office and in the information points along the trail.

Works and route 2024

Discover the works by national and international artists along the route. There is no fixed start or finish.

Low emission zone: register your vehicle to avoid a fine.

Your vehicle’s Euro standard and fuel type determine whether or not you are allowed to enter the city centre of Ghent. Clean cars can enter the city, polluting cars must pay. If your vehicle is allowed to enter the city centre but you do not have a Belgian or Dutch number plate, you should ALWAYS register it!

Information about the low emission zone can be found here

Thirsty for more?

Why not just come to Ghent a bit earlier? A little shopping, a bite to eat, a lovely drink on a (heated) café terrace. Well, bring your pyjamas and make it an overnight trip all at once!

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