The Light Festival is one of Ghent’s most spectacular events. Every three years, you can walk along the phenomenal light installations free of charge. Some of them are subtle and fragile, others are grand and overwhelming. And why don’t you stay for the weekend now that you’re in the city? 

Top attractions

The Light Festival is quite the experience. You can easily spend two nights enjoying it, so you don’t have to hurry along the route. And there is plenty to see and to do in Ghent during the day. Why don’t you visit one of Ghent’s museums, for example? They are certainly worth a visit. A visit to the Ghent Altarpiece in St Bavo’s Cathedral is also not to be missed. And during the weekend you can walk into Ghent’s city palaces free of charge: feast your eyes on all that grandeur! 


Don’t feel like spending time indoors, but want to explore the outdoor areas of Ghent? Then go for a walk around the Castle of the Counts, the magnificent relic from the Middle Ages that still looks just as impressive in the 21st century. The De Krook library is equally impressive, and the area surrounding it is perfect for a stroll. If you want to be sure you can go all out during your Light Festival walk, you can explore Ghent by boat. Who knows, you might see some light art installations from the water. It’s magical! 

CityCard Gent

Oh yeah, before we forget! The CityCard Gent is the perfect travel companion during your Light Festival weekend. With the CityCard you can visit all the top attractions in Ghent and use public transport. All of Ghent at a low price…