Not your average city walking tour taking you along the same tired old route, but a true feast for the senses: this is the Seven Senses Tour. Discover Ghent through the eyes of Jan Van Eyck, and use all your senses to the fullest. Smell, touch, taste, hearing, sight, enhancing your sixth sense and movement: all seven are covered on the tour!

A genial host or hostess will take you around in Ghent and introduce you to the city's wonderful heritage. They will show you historical gems such as Kruideniershuis, Vrijseschippershuis and the Castle of Gerard the Devil. Then navigate Ghent's inland waterways and experience a display of digital projections in the tunnel under François Laurentplein square. During the Seven Senses Tour, sensory experiences and monumental buildings are interspersed with stunning works of street art. Big names like Hyuro, Pastel, Strook and Isaac Cordal give their creativity free rein in the city and treat us to impressive murals.

During the walk, the guide also takes us to a number of passionate local artisans. Enter the shop, workplace or workshop of a contemporary master craftsman and get a unique look behind the scenes of one of the many professionals in the city. Feeling hungry? Your taste buds are pampered as well! Taste artisan and locally produced delicacies prepared with typically medieval ingredients at the different stops. Anyone seeking to explore Ghent in a radically different way cannot afford to miss this tour.

The Seven Senses Tour starts at the Van Eyck-shop & Meetingpoint in the Council Cellar. The Council Cellar is located directly underneath the Belfry and forms the basement for the Cloth Hall.