Not your average city walking tour taking you along the same tired old route, but a true feast for the senses: this is the Seven Senses Tour. Discover Ghent through the eyes of Jan Van Eyck, and use all your senses to the fullest. Smell, touch, taste, hearing, sight, enhancing your sixth sense and movement: all seven are covered on the tour!

A true feast for the senses!

Pass by historical gems such as the Great Butchers' Hall and the Castle of Gerard the Devil. Then navigate Ghent's inland waterways and experience a display of digital projections in the tunnel under François Laurentplein square. During the Seven Senses Tour, sensory experiences and monumental buildings are interspersed with stunning works of street art. Big names like Hyuro, Pastel, Strook and Isaac Cordal give their creativity free rein in the city and treat us to impressive murals.

Or stop by a number of passionate local artisans. Enter the shop, workplace or workshop of a contemporary master craftsman and get a unique look behind the scenes of one of the many professionals in the city.

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Discover Ghent through the eyes of Jan Van Eyck, and use all your senses to the fullest. 

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Make your Van Eyck-experience complete

Would you also like to discover the renewed visitor center of St Bavo's Cathedral? Book a ticket for the visitor center and admire the Ghent Altarpiece and other art treasures in all their splendor. All info and tickets via the link below.

Senses at the ready

Feeling hungry? Your taste buds are pampered as well! Taste an artisan and locally produced delicacy  at one of the different stops. Thanks to the olfactory installation at the Castle of Gerald the Devil, you have the impression of entering the heavenly garden of the van Eyck brothers. Discover how the flower-filled meadow depicted on the Ghent Altarpiece would smell if you could simply step into the world-famous painting.   

Finally, you can give your ears a treat at the Achtersikkel square, where you can enjoy a musical soundscape. An immersive experience revealing the history and secrets of the building. Anyone seeking to explore Ghent in a radically different way cannot afford to miss this tour!

Stops along the way

The Seven Senses Tour starts at the Van Eyck-shop & Meetingpoint in the Council Cellar. The Council Cellar is located directly underneath the Belfry and forms the basement for the Cloth Hall. This is the place where you can pick up your map.  You can make the tour at your own pace. Make a choice from the different locations and create our own tour. Or make it easy on yourself and follow the route that is suggested. At each of the locations, you can enjoy a sensory experience and you are welcomed by a guide, who tells you all you need to know about the location and the experience. Below is a list of some of the stops of the tour:

Also for group visits

Did you know that your association, school or company can also make a customized Seven Senses Tour? The difference with an individual Seven Senses Tour? Exclusively for groups (per 20 people) we provide experienced guides who accompany the two-hour walk. Discover Ghent through the eyes of Jan Van Eyck together with them! Possible from Tuesday until Sunday. Reservation info at the bottom of this page.

Safety measures

Your safety is our priority. The OMG! Seven Senses Tour has been fully adapted to the latest safety standards in the context of the fight against the coronavirus. Participants can take the tour individually or with the entire family by means of a map. Hygiene is closely monitored at the different stops. Only half of the usual maximum capacity is allowed on each boat, so you can safely enjoy Ghent's waterways.

In order to keep it safe for you and for others, we ask you to observe the following precautionary measures:

  • A face mask is compulsory (+ 12 years) throughout the tour (evenso in the city centre).
  • Always disinfect your hands before entering a location. We provide hand sanitiser at all stops. 
  • Respect the social distancing rules: keep at least 1.5 metres distance from people who are not part of your personal bubble. Also keep sufficient distance from the guide.
  • If you’re ill or have symptoms, e.g. a fever, stay home.   
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