Eating out in Ghent without making a reservation? It’s not easy, but not impossible either! Need a little help with the large offer? With the tips & tricks below you can easily go out for dinner in Ghent without booking a table.

Eating out la la last minute

Always without reservations 

Ghent is a city of and for food lovers. This sometimes results in a full house, but you will also find restaurants that work without reservations. Spontaneous diners are welcome at the following restaurants, provided that they show up on time or have a little patience while waiting for a table to become available.  

Note: for groups, these places often require a reservation, so you’d better contact them beforehand 

Place for walk-ins

Are you the type that prefers deciding last minute where to eat? Eating in Ghent without a reservation is also possible in a number of restaurants where walk-ins are welcome. These establishments keep a number of tables free every day for spontaneous guests. Isn’t it great they take everyone’s wishes into account? There are also restaurants where you are almost always guaranteed a place, because the venue is large enough or their service is super smooth.  

Free after cancellation

Sometimes, passing all your exams seems easier than reserving a seat at a sought-after restaurant in Ghent. But sometimes you’re in luck, if a party cancels their reservation, for example. So, how do you find out where tables have become available last minute? Well, it pays to keep an eye on the restaurants’ social media channels or to take a look at platforms where that info is neatly compiled.