Ghent is currently twinned with seven other towns:
  • Tallinn (Estonia, since 1982)
  • Kanazawa (Japan, since 1971)
  • Wiesbaden (Germany, since 1969)
  • Melle (Germany, since 1977)
  • Nottingham (Great Britain, since 1985)
  • Saint-Raphaël (France, since 1958)
  • Mohammedia (Morocco, since 1982) 

All sorts of activities and events are organised at regular intervals in these twin towns, and Ghent citizens and recognised socio-cultural groups can participate in them. 

Ghent citizens, sports clubs and/or socio-cultural groups can travel to the twin towns on their own initiative or as part of an exchange project. 

Conversely, numerous delegations (official or otherwise) come to Ghent for study trips, cooperative projects, exchanges of expertise, participation in sports competitions, and so on. 

Working meetings in connection with EU congresses and other internal matters are organised in cooperation with third parties and other municipal departments: administrative organisation, mobility, sustainable development, etc. 

As part of the cooperation with the twin towns, the Department of Staff Services’ Policy Strategy and International Cooperation Division organises the representation of the city council at colloquia and seminars at home and abroad. 

You can receive more information on this by request (by phone, letter, fax or e-mail) from the staff of the Department of Staff Services.