All are welcome in Ghent and everything is possible. Everyone has a good time here, including the thousands of students who fill Ghent with young vibes every academic year. After all, in Ghent you can keep exploring. As soon as you walk through Ghent's city centre, you will understand why Ghent is also internationally popular and gets so much praise as a tourist city. Nowhere else will you flash so quickly from the 14th to the 21st century (and back!). So if you are looking for a city break that is just that little bit different, Ghent is the place to see!

The Ghent Altarpiece, a worldwide artistic highlight

The Ghent Altarpiece or 'The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb' by the van Eyck brothers, unveiled in 1432, is one of the most influential paintings ever created. The 18 panels show a biblical evocation including the portrait of patron and church master Joos Vijd and his wife Elisabeth Borluut. The masterpiece seems to have an inner glow about it and is particularly microscopically detailed which makes it very unique.

At the St Bavo Cathedral visitor centre, you can admire the restored panels of the Ghent Altarpiece and several other authentic art treasures in all their splendour. Using augmented reality glasses, you can travel deep into the past in the cathedral crypt and experience the eventful history of the Ghent Altarpiece and Ghent Cathedral as if you were there yourself.

Fairy-tale culture with worldwide fame

If you have never experienced an overnight stay in Ghent, you have never really experienced the city. Ghent shines day and night. When night falls, Ghent is transformed. Discover the fairy-tale lighting that bathes all of Ghent’s architectural gems in beautiful light. Walk through a magical, sparkling city until midnight. Every three years, Ghent is set ablaze with lights during the free Ghent Light Festival, with exciting light art by national and international artists.

Ghent is a city that vibrates and is alive

Party, art, music you name it. Ghent is alive at every second of the day and night throughout the year. There is always something to do or experience for young and old. Events like the Ghent Festivities have grown into one of the biggest cultural festivals in Europe. The Film Fest Gent, Belgium's largest international film festival or a cosy, child-friendly Christmas market during the Ghent Winter Festivities and much more.  The thousands of students, lively atmosphere and hip music scene make Ghent the ideal destination for a night out. The nightlife in Ghent is active. So there is always something to do in this culturally rich and lively city.

The gastronomy rocks, mix & match

There’s always something to do in Ghent. Ghent is the historic heart of Flanders where you can shop, discover and taste to your heart’s content. Do you love great food? You’re in luck: Ghent is the veggie capital of Europe (according to Ghent’s inhabitants, of course), and its young, rock-star chefs are causing a sensation on the international food scene.

Sustainable Ghent!

Cities are increasingly putting their best foot forward to reduce their impact on the climate. Sustainable tourism is something the city has been doing for a while now. Ghent commits to this in several ways. The city has already been declared Veggie Capital and has one of the largest car-free centres in Europe. So experiencing Ghent by bike is an absolute must.

Ghent encourages tourism entrepreneurs to do their bit. Accommodations and event venues that operate sustainably qualify for sustainable labels such as Green Key or Green Globe. Our city has many businesses that proudly carry these labels.

Finally, the City of Ghent wants to promote sustainable gastronomy. What started as a campaign to eat no meat or fish one day a week (Thursday Veggieday) has since grown into a hotspot of vegetarian and plant-based eating and drinking addresses. Moreover, it is easy to enjoy fair and local gastronomy here. tasty and fresh food is guaranteed if you buy from the farmer, farmers' market or fresh market. A small act that tastes good.