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Monuments & Architecture

Monuments & Architecture

The Ghent Tourist Office is located in a gem of a building: the Old Fish Market, opposite the Castle of the Counts. And that’s only one of Ghent’s many beautiful buildings, old and new…

St Bavo's Abbey

Sint-Baafsabdij Gent

You are on historic ground here. In the 7th century, Amandus van Gent founded St Bavo’s Abbey here in an attempt to convert the inhabitants of this city of Ganda.

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Law Courts

Justitiepaleis Gent

To solve the permanent lack of space, a modern building for the law courts was built on the edge of the city.

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Van Eyck swimming pool

Zwembad Van Eyck Gent

Belgium"s oldest indoor swimming pool is also the newest: in 2001 it was fully restored so that the splendid art deco design is today more beautiful than ever.

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Opera Gent

Vlaamse Opera Gent

The first half of the 19th century, rich Ghent industrialists initiated the building of a new and luxurious opera house.

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Rabot Gent

In 1488, Maximilian of Austria took advantage of a weak point in Ghent’s defences to seize the city.

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Minard Theatre

Minardschouwburg Gent

Romain De Coninck, founder and driving force behind the Minard, keeps a permanent watch over his popular theatre.

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St Bavo's Cathedral

Sint-Baafskathedraal Gent

A trove of art treasures: 22 altars, a Rococo pulpit in marble and oak and of course the exquisite highlight: "The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb" by the Van Eyck brothers.

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't Toreken

't Toreken Gent

Today the 15th-century Toreken, at that time the guild hall of the tanners, is home to the Poetry Centre.

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Great Butchers' Hall

Groot Vleeshuis Gent

The Great Butchers' Hall dates back to the 15th century, when meat halls were indoor market places with centralised sales to monitor the freshness and quality of the meat.

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St James' Church

Sint-Jacobskerk Gent

The two towers still date from the Romanesque period but since then the church has undergone much devastation, expansion and renovation.

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Leopold Barracks

Leopoldskazerne Gent

With its thick walls, battlements, corner turrets and embrasures, the five-sided barracks still look above all like a fortified stronghold.

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Gent Belfort

Above the Ghent skyline towers the Old Belfry, lonely and grey, an iconic symbol of the past.

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Hof van Rijhove

Hof van Rijhove Gent

Originally a 14th-century castle, the restored Hof van Rijhove illustrates the development of seven centuries of domestic culture in an authentic Ghent mansion.

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St Michael's Church

Sint-Michielskerk Gent

The steeple of St Michael’s Church should have stood out above all the others but history decided otherwise: the 134 metre high planned ‘monument of triumph’, has remained at a paltry 24 metres.

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Het Pand Gent

This former Dominican friary was beautifully restored and now belongs to the University of Ghent.

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Achtersikkel Gent

It is difficult to believe, but less than fifty metres from the bustling Sint-Baafsplein you will find an oasis of calm: the Achtersikkel.

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STAM - Ghent City Museum


Ghent has something from every period of history and that also applies to the STAM - Ghent City museum: the 14th-century abbey, the 17th-century monastery and the new 21st-century development together form the Ghent City museum.

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Big Cannon

Groot Kanon Gent

This impressive cast-iron cannon weighs 12,500 kg and is known in popular parlance as the "dulle griet" (evil woman).

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New Law Courts

Nieuw Gerechtsgebouw Gent

2007 saw the opening of the new, modern law courts designed by the architects Stéphane Beel and Lieven Achtergael.

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Hotel d'Hane Steenhuyse

Hotel d´Hane-Steenhuyse Gent

In his 1767 building application, the German Count Emmanuel Ignace d'Hane asked for permission to rebuild the front of his house, located in the Veldstraat.

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