Jan Van Eyck is a world painter of stature. He effortlessly paints the smallest details, the most beautiful fabrics and the smallest miniatures in a realistic, natural way. His color palette, texture and floral motifs are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for many artists to this day.

Meet the designers

The products of these designers can be obtained in the Van Eyck shop.

Siegfried De Buck, craftsmanship with a mythical character

Siegfried De Buck is a renowned jewellery maker who is open to modern technologies and methods. “I wish to charge matter with stories and ideas.” His creation for the Van Eyck year is a walking cane with a handle inspired by the papal sceptre held by the Almighty on the Ghent Altarpiece. The prototype’s handle has been expertly crafted from 16 silver components.

Jan Leenknegt, where idea and beauty find each other

Glass artist Jan Leenknegt is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face with his creations in vivid colours and playful shapes. For over fifty years following a restoration in 1951, the lamb depicted in the Ghent Altarpiece appeared to have four ears, and he used it as the starting point for his new glass structure. The lamb in the painting no longer has four ears, but the concept lives on in Jan Leenkneght’s work of art.

Atelier Mestdagh, modern day stained glass art

Atelier Mestdagh restores and creates stained-glass windows. For three generations, this studio has kept the artisanal techniques alive. On the basis of this vision, Katrien Mestdagh and her mother Ingrid Meyvaert draw inspiration from Van Eyck’s genius. A glass tea candle holder will feature details from the Ghent Altarpiece that have been graphically adapted to stained glass. In addition, the duo has also designed a playful Adam and Eve to mark toilet doors.

Veerle Verschooren, playful interaction of colour and light

Veerle Verschooren is continuously looking for new shapes, textures, compositions, fascinating graphic elements and bold colour combinations for her stained glass creations. These elements are also present in Jan Van Eyck’s polyptych. The Ghent Altarpiece is a mirror of its time. Glass artist Veerle Verschooren used this as a basis for the creation of a unique, one-of-a kind Ghent Altarpiece mirror.

Tine De Groote, a wonderful world of gadgets

Tine De Groote lovingly folds, pricks, glues, cuts and sews paper, fabric and leather to create unique hand-made gadgets. From notebooks and magnets to tops and T-shirts: all of her products are as eco-friendly and ethical as possible. For her illustrations, she drew inspiration from Jan Van Eyck’s masterpiece without compromising her own retro style.

Antoine Van Loocke, valuable creations from worthless material

Antoine van Loocke is an internationally renowned knife maker. He creates unique knives with recycled materials and they are much sought after by top chefs and design lovers. They are primarily works of art. Specially for the Van Eyck year, he has created, together with ceramicist Reinhilde Van Grieken, a knife block with 6 knives as well as two separate knives.

Skwon, elegance in its purest form

Skwon is a Ghent design agency founded by Dries Sabbe. A few years ago, he began designing his own products, mostly made from hand-blown artisanal glass. His attention was drawn to a carafe depicted in the niche of the Virgin Annunciate panel of the Ghent Altarpiece. Skwon has brought this object back to life, just like the recent restoration has meant the rebirth of the Ghent Altarpiece.

Colour, design and geometry

Discover the virtuosity of Van Eyck in even more events and exhibitions. Art historian Aletta Rambaut, specialized in stained glass windows, examined all paintings by the Flemish master and made the link with still existing stained glass windows or fragments. In the Design Museum Ghent, the Van Eyck color palette acts as a source of inspiration for 'Kleureyck'. In the St.- Nicholas' church, the Ghent Altarpiece comes alive in 'Lights on Van Eyck' in a magical, multimedia spectacle.

Discover the creations in the Van Eyck shop