The former cheese factory of Het Hinkelspel houses a unique indoor Ghent market that offers high-quality and locally sourced ingredients. It’s the perfect place to get your products and to enjoy an aperitif or brunch in the adjacent bar.

Meet the people of the Lousbergmarkt! These entrepreneurs joined forces and use local products to create high-quality craftmanship. 

Breadmakers CoPain

Breadmakers CoPain is an artisanal bakery where bread is made with a lot of passion. They make loaves of excellent quality and pay great attention to sustainability. Ingredients from other local suppliers are used to make their loaves.  

Organic farm De Vroente

De Vroente is a cooperation of three farms who joined forces and combine their expertise to grow high-quality biodynamic fruits and vegetables. This allows you to enjoy the delicious taste of the freshest fruits and vegetables possible. 

Cheese factory Het Hinkelspel

At cheese factory Het Hinkelspel, you can find cheese made from raw or organic milk. They produce Gouda, washed-rind cheese and blue cheese using traditional methods. In this process, they omit preservatives and colourants and give the cheeses sufficient time to ripen. This allows them to offer delicious and high-quality products. 

Farm De Heerlijkheid

De Heerlijkheid is a small-scale farm adopting a personal approach. It’s run by a young family that attaches great importance to the well-being of the animals on their farm. They aim to let people enjoy their artisanal and locally grown products with as few additives as possible. 

Breakfast and lunch bar De Bergen

De Bergen, run by two friends, is a convivial spot where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and a cup of coffee with some pastry. In their dishes they use organic vegetables from organic farm De Vroente, delicious cheeses from cheese factory Het Hinkelspel and flavourful bread from CoPain. You can eat in or order take away. 

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