Koffiebranderij Vandekerckhove was founded in 1854. All aspects of the coffee-making process – from the green bean to a perfectly brewed cup of coffee – have been practised here for five generations.

You will recognise Arthur Rimbaud, born in 1854, in the company`s logo. He became a coffee trader after abandoning his career as a writer. There was even a coffee named after him.

The blends that are developed here perfectly reflect the principles of the ‘third wave of coffee’: a new global trend in which coffee is once again regarded as an artisanal product and greater emphasis is placed on bringing the coffee’s unique flavour characteristics to the fore during the roasting process. The new ‘slow coffee’ movement is part of this, too.

In addition to coffee, Koffiebranderij Vandekerckhove also sells a wide range of teas and all sorts of accessories for a delicious cup of tea or coffee.

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