Curious about the city from the moment you arrive? Forget about the bus or taxi, put on your walking boots and immerse yourself in the bustling city life. There are a number of great walking routes between the city centre and Gent-Dampoort railway station that will take you past the city’s most charming spots. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the walk that most appeals to you and off you go!

Which route will you choose?

The express route: (full red line) 
Are you in a hurry or would you like to get to the city centre as quickly as possible? Then take this route. Even during this walk, there is room to look around and enjoy what the city has to offer.    

The discovery route:  (red line with squares) 
Do you like immersing yourself in history and culture?  Then this route is for you! This walk to the city centre will take you past numerous historical and cultural sites of the city.    

The along-industrial-heritage route: (red line with rectangles)
Do you like a little something extrra and are you curious about the trendiest hotspots in Ghent? This route along the Ghent docks guides you along the water to the city’s historical centre. Don’t forget to take a look at the numerous graffiti artworks on this route and be enchanted by the industrial charm of the docks. Moreover, during the summer months, you will also discover some hip summer bars where you can take a break.  

Would you rather not use your smartphone during your walk? No problem! If you prefer to explore the city the old-school way, you can get a paper city map in the VisitGent tourist office. You can also follow the green signposts along the route to find your way around the city.  


Places to take a break

Not in a hurry to explore the heart of Ghent or do you still have some time to spare before having to catch the train? Don’t worry, you will encouter plenty of fun spots on these routes where you can catch your breath or enjoy the city a little before going home. From cafés and parks to trendy summer bars and attractions, you will discover it all on these routes!  

On wheels

Are you physically not able to walk or are you simply not much of a walker? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other options to reach the city centre. Use public transport, rent a bike or take a taxi to travel to and from the train station. Because there is no doubt that taking the train to Ghent is a smart choice!  

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