Gent-Dampoort is the city's second main train station after Gent-Sint-Pieters. From Gent-Dampoort, the city centre is quick and easy to reach by bike, by public transport or on foot. Many international buses also stop at Gent-Dampoort.

Arrival in Ghent

Gent-Dampoort station offers a luggage storage service and bicycle rentals. The historical centre is just a 15-minute walk away, or 5 minutes by bicycle.

Railway station for walkers

Did you know that the Gent-Dampoort railways station is only a 15-minute walk away from the city centre? No need to take a tram or bus, just follow the mapped out route from the railway station or the city – or vice versa. A great advantage is that you can immediately explore one of Ghent’s trendiest neighbourhoods: Oude Dokken and Dok Noord 

Let’s go by bike

Ghent is a city for walkers (see above), but even more so for cyclists. The weather doesn’t matter, locals will cycle through Ghent at any time, waterproofed and in good spirits. If you want to be totally immersed in your surroundings during your visit, rent a bike at the shop of Fietsambassade next to the Gent-Dampoort railway station. ‘Bike signposts’ will guide you to the various city districts. Ghent is a city tailored to cyclists, because the distances are not too great and there is a lot to be discovered by bike.  

Plenty of buses

Gent-Dampoort is not only a railway station, but also a bus hub. International bus companies Flixbus and Flibco often arrive at this railway sation and visitors from other European cities can explore the city from here. You can also take the city bus to the city centre, so you don’t tire your legs for exploring the historical heart of the city.  

Route planner De Lijn

Looking for the easiest route by public transport in Ghent? Consult this handy route planner to plan your trip in the city.

Consult the route planner

Travel lighter

If you arrive at the Gent-Dampoort railway station with all your luggage, you can use the station’s convenient luggage depot. Put your luggage in a locker and explore the city without any hassles. Did you come to Ghent for a multi-day trip? Then you can leave your luggage at the reception desk of your accommodation before starting your first day in the city.  

Time to spare? Explore the neighbourhood

The Gent-Dampoort railway station is located in a somewhat unknown part of the city. A twenty-minute walk from the station, for example, you’ll find Dok Noord, a hub with shops, cafés, restaurants and even a bowling alley and karting circuit. Closer to the station you’ll find Oude Dokken, a historical district closely linked to Ghent’s port and undergoing rapid development today. New office buildings, nice residential areas, shops, restaurants and Ghent’s coolest school are located here.  

A visit to the old Ghent docks

This 7.5km walk takes you along the former quays, loading and unloading docks, warehouses, harbour cranes, industrial relics and new developments. You’ll explore Handelsdok and Houtdok, and an (optional) extra 2.5-kilometre loop will guide you through Ghent’s largest listed townscape: the Voorhaven area.

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