Pedestrians experience more! If you come to Ghent by train, you can easily walk to the city centre and immerse yourself in city life. There are a couple of great walking routes between the city centre and Gent-Sint-Pieters railway station, so, pick your favourite and off you go!

Which route will you choose? 

Gas route: the quickest route (full red line)

Are you the ‘fast and restless’ type? Then take the fastest route from the city centre to the railway station (or vice versa). Efficient walking routes don’t have to be less pleasant.  

Relax route: the quietest route (red line with squares) 

You like a little something more: a convenient and quick route, yes, but preferably one that allows you to relax too. This route runs along the water and quieter footpaths.  

Fomo route: the most stimulating route (red line with rectangles) 

You are always looking for added value: even during a ‘functional’ walk, you want to see and experience something. Well, this walk passes the museums in the Arts Quarter and Ghent’s student district.  

Would you rather not use your smartphone during your walk? You can also ask for a paper city map at the VisitGent info office or at the info point in Gent-Sint-Pieters railway station. Moreover, it is also easy peasy to find your way while walking: just follow the green signposts.

On wheels

Are you not much of a walker or are you physically not able to walk? Then use public transport, bike or a taxi to get around. Because there is no doubt that coming to Ghent by train is the smart choice!