Looking for some rock & roll on your plate? Fourchette is a culinary event for foodies. Don't miss out! The crème de la crème of the chefs in Ghent and surroundings share their unique creations.

How does it work? It involves two teams of five chefs, including one guest chef, who each compose a menu. Both menus have five delicious courses. Be surprised by wat these young top chefs have to offer!

This year, the guest chefs are Filip Claeys, Michaël Vrijmoed and David Martin (Chef of the year 2019).
The chefs are Dennis Broeckx, Benoit De Witte, Joost Arijs, Vilhjalmur Sigurdarson, Martijn Defauw (Dessert of the Year), Maarten Bouckaert, Olly Ceulenaere and Willem Hiele.