Ghent is easy to reach by bus. The rebellious art city is only 45 minutes away from Bruges and Brussels (both at 53 km) and a little less than an hour away from Antwerp (60 km).

Two European motorways (E17 and E40) intersect in Ghent. If you arrive from the E17, take the exit “Gent Centrum”. If you arrive at the cloverleaf interchange in Zwijnaarde from the E40, first follow the direction of Antwerp (E17) and then take the exit “Gent Centrum”.

Coach drivers who want to drop off their customers at a hotel within the pedestrian zone can request a permit from the hotel.

Ghent has a low emission zone

The Ghent city centre (the area enclosed by the ring road) has been designated as a low emission zone (LEZ) with the purpose of improving the quality of the air. Buses and coaches are to meet the applicable requirements as well. Only buses for transporting people with disabilities are exempt from the entry requirements, provided that they are registered in advance via 

Low emission zone: register your coach to avoid a fine

Your vehicle’s Euro standard and fuel type determine whether or not you are allowed to enter the city centre of Ghent. Clean vehicles can enter the city, polluting vehicles must pay. If your vehicle is allowed to enter the city centre but you do not have a Belgian or Dutch number plate, you should ALWAYS register it!

Information about the low emission zone can be found here.

Stopping and parking in Ghent

Passengers can quickly and easily reach the pedestrian areas of the city centre from the different Kiss & Ride areas and car parks.

Kiss & Ride Godshuizenlaan

This K&R is situated at Music Centre De Bijloke and STAM. Coaches can stop here free of charge to allow their passengers to disembark free of charge (30 minutes maximally). Parking is not allowed. The nearest parking area for coaches is Parking Yachtdreef (B2).

Tip: the Hop-on Hop-off water tram is an easy way to travel from the Bijloke site to the city centre. Would you rather book a boat trip for the entire group in advance? Then contact one of the Ghent boat operators beforehand. The captain aboard guides in several languages. 

K&R Godshuizenlaan

9000 Gent

Kiss & Ride Bijlokekaai

This K&R is also situated at Music Centre De Bijloke and STAM. Coaches can stop here free of charge for a maximum of 30 minutes to enable their passengers to disembark. Parking is not allowed. The nearest parking area for coaches is Parking Yachtdreef (B2).

Parking area Station Gent Dampoort (B1)

This parking area is situated next to the Gent Dampoort railway station and in the immediate vicinity of the historic St Bavo’s Abbey, at the place where Ghent was first founded in the seventh century.

You can park your car here between 9 am and 7 pm for up to 5 hours, which will cost you 9 euro. Otherwise, you pay 1.80 euro per hour. From 7 pm until 11 pm, you pay 1.50 euro per hour. Between 11 pm and 9 am, and on Sundays and public holidays, you can park your car free of charge. If you are staying longer than 5 hours, make sure you have a parking ticket for the time exceeding those 5 hours.

This parking area can accommodate 24 coaches.

Passengers can reach the historic city centre on foot in less than 15 minutes via the Portus Ganda marina. People who are less mobile can take bus 3, 17, 18, 38 or 39.

Parking area Yachtdreef (B2)

This parking area is situated at the Watersportbaan. Coaches are allowed to park here throughout the year (without restrictions as to parking time). There is room for 14 coaches.

Local coach operators

Ghent has a wide selection of local coach operators. See the list below for an overview.