Who says you need the sea to have fun during the summer? Cities like Ghent exude their unique atmosphere during the summer months: vibrant, compelling, sometimes laid-back and sometimes exhilirating. You have to experience it to understand it!

Party mood

You can tell by the long list of summer events, such as the lively Gent Jazz Festival and the joyous Ghent Festivities, that Ghent transforms into a kind of resort in summer where parties and joie de vivre reign supreme. There are plenty of summer bars or outdoor cafés in the city where you can take a break from these events. Squares and parks are crowded and friends from all over the world meet along the waterfront. There is so much to do in summer in Ghent!

Cooling down

The city can get sweltering hot in summer, but fortunately, there are plenty of options to cool down. Take a refreshing dip in one of the public pools, or go for a quiet walk in a green park. For outdoor swimming, the Blaarmeersen recreational area is the place to be, as it isn’t allowed to swim in Ghent’s inland waterways or marinas. Other options to cool down include a boat trip or a visit to a museum (long live air conditioning!).

Summery treats

Mmm, delicious summer foods and drinks can be such a treat. Craving a delightful ice cream or a luxurious cocktail? There are plenty of places to go in Ghent. You can also enjoy Ghent’s many summer bars and outdoor cafés. And in summer, you should definitely have a picnic in one of Ghent’s parks: bring a basket with food from your own kitchen or from one of the food markets in Ghent.

Summer activities

Ghent definitely isn’t in a slumber during summer. Making decisions will be difficult if you are planning to visit the city! If the weather is nice, you can do the typical outdoor activities, such as exploring the city by bike, taking a city walk or booking a boat trip. Plenty of sporty and adventurous activities are also on offer (e.g. supping, kayaking and aerial courses) and the museums present great summer exhibitions.

Child-friendly city break

Planning a short or longer trip to Ghent with your kids this summer? Then you will have a busy programme. Is the weather nice? Then you should definitely spend a day at the Blaarmeersen recreational area. Have a swim, go for a walk, visit the main playground… In the city centre, playgrounds and parks offer a relaxing break, and boat trips and child-friendly museums are also bound to be a success.

A good night’s sleep

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do in summer in Ghent. You can easily fill a few days, so be sure to book one or multiple nights in an accommodation in or around the city. B&B, hotel or hostel: choose what best fits you and your travelling companion(s). Good night!