First rendezvous with our city? This city walk reveals the highlights of Ghent in just a few kilometres. We listed some things you must have seen, done and discovered. Pick up the free walking map at the tourist information office and go out.

4,2 km - 5600 steps


Start your city trip with a visit to the “Kuip” of Ghent, the historic centre. This walking route will take you along the highlights of the city. Smell the mysticism, let yourself be guided to the Castle of the Counts, the Graslei and Korenlei and Ghent's three famous towers. Give your eyes a glimpse, explore the modern architecture of the city pavilion and the rustic “Patershol”, an old quarter with a medieval street pattern, full of restaurants.


Ghent is a very lively city. That's why we foresee five things to do during your walk. So don't just let your eyes do the rounds, but let yourself be completely immersed.


Feel like discovering more of Ghent? In addition to the regular city walk, you can also choose from five walks along hidden gems in our city. Choose, walk and discover!

Essential Map - citywalk

Looking for the perfect travel companion for your first introduction to Ghent? Then ‘the essential map’ is the perfect option for you: the handy map of the city centre provides information about what you need to have seen, done and discovered in Ghent. It also includes a brief summary on practical matters, tram lines, etc., as well as a fun city walk you can completely personalise with additional loops centred around certain topics.

Available in 6 different languages: Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish and Italian

A paper version of this brochure is also available in the tourist office.

Fairy-tale walks: Ghent sparkles at night

If you can wait for nightfall, you’ll be rewarded with magical lighting effects. When the sun goes down, Ghent undergoes a sparkling transformation. Fiery Ghent is aflame with lights!

A taste for Ghent

During your city walk in Ghent, don’t miss the Groentenmarkt where you can enjoy a sweet or savoury snack. Try ‘Ghent noses’ or cuberdons from one of the stalls. Be sure to stop by at Tierenteyn-Verlent and travel back in time inside Ghent’s unique heritage. Taste the divine artisan mustard and pickles.

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