Start your city break by visiting the heart of Ghent: the historic centre. This city walk takes about two hours. Absorb the mystery: follow your guide to the Castle of the Counts, the Graslei and Korenlei and Ghent’s famous Three Towers. Let your eyes drink in the modern architecture of the City Pavilion and the rustic charm of the Patershol, an old neighbourhood with mediaeval streets full of restaurants. Join the sociable Ghent residents and enjoy life.

Wander around in Ghent

Ghent is a city with a small-town feel: don’t be afraid to throw away your handy walking map and follow your nose. It’s so much more fun to discover things for yourself. Ghent is a cultural cocktail. There is art everywhere you turn. Wander around the largest low-traffic pedestrian zone in Europe. Walk up and down the streets, experiencing the real Ghent among its nonconformist residents who keep the city alive and kicking.

A taste for Ghent

During your city walk in Ghent, don’t miss the Groentenmarkt where you can enjoy a sweet or savoury snack. Try ‘Ghent noses’ or cuberdons from one of the stalls. Be sure to stop by at Tierenteyn-Verlent and travel back in time inside Ghent’s unique heritage. Taste the divine artisan mustard and pickles.

Fairy-tale walks: Ghent sparkles at night

If you can wait for nightfall, you’ll be rewarded with magical lighting effects. When the sun goes down, Ghent undergoes a sparkling transformation. Fiery Ghent is aflame with lights!

Ghent Illuminated walk

Would you like a sparkling tour of Ghent’s most beautiful illuminated buildings and squares? Follow the light walk and discover it for yourself! Start at the Kouter for a walk of approximately three miles. The walk takes you past all the highlights of the Ghent illuminations.

You will need about two hours to complete the entire walk. It’s best not to start too late, because at the stroke of midnight, the atmospheric lighting is replaced by ordinary streetlights. Plan your walk with one of the guides. Or explore for yourself: download the map here!