Many Ghent neighbourhoods have their own flea markets. Avid bargain hunters have since visited some of them like clockwork. Looking for second-hand clothing, toys or decorations? These markets are the place to be!

Flea markets with second-hand items suit Ghent’s green ambition perfectly. The City is committed to sustainability and the circular economy in every aspect. A flea market is interesting for both sides. Sellers can make some money by cleaning up, buyers can buy something new for next to nothing. Whether you really need that second-hand book, those glasses or that pretty lamp is not for us to judge!


Upcoming flea markets

28/04/2024: Flea and antiques market Gent ICC (tickets: 5 euro)

28/04/2024:Flea market, bike sale, neighbourhood cafe (Basisschool Sterre-spits, Maaltebruggestraat 185, 2-5 pm)

18/05/2024: Pinksterrommelmarkt XL 2024, Flea Market (Schooldreef, Jules Persynstraat, Maurice Verdoncklaan, Henri Pirennelaan – 9050 Gentbrugge)

01 & 02/06/2024: Flea Market Papegaaifeesten (Casinoplein, Johan Daisnestraat & Wispelbergstraat)

02/06/2024: Vintage and second-hand market (Sint-Pietersplein, 9 am – 5 pm)

14/09/2024: Flea Market Fransevaart/Amfibiewijk (Landjuweelstraat, Onderwijsstraat, Harmoniestraat, Edward Blaesstraat, Marie Popelinkaai, Bisschopstraat, Fransevaart, Popelinparkje – 9050 Ledeberg)

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