Sint-Veerleplein square is not only home to the Castle of the Counts, it is also the perfect place to relax and the ideal starting point to discover other parts of the city. You can also find the Visit Ghent tourist office here, which is always at your disposal with advice to have a successful city break.

There is much to do at Sint-Veerleplein square. You can visit the impressive Castle of the Counts and catch a glimpse of what Ghent was like in medieval times. Or you can simply admire the monument from one of the square’s outdoor cafés and restaurants. Sint-Veerleplein square is surrounded by water: the Lieve canal and the river Lys run behind the buildings. The square is also the ideal starting point to discover the atmospheric Kraanlei and the old Patershol neighbourhood. Do you need to go urgently? Don’t worry: there are public toilets on Sint-Veerleplein square. 

The way to the tourist office

Sint-Veerleplein square was once home to the Sint-Veerlekerk church, of which remains were found during the renovation of the Old Fish Market. This historic site is located at the confluence of the Lieve canal and the river Lys. The Old Fish Market no longer serves as a fish market, but is now home to the Visit Ghent tourist office, among other things. Enter the monumental entrance gate of the Old Fish Market in front of the tourist office. Don’t forget to look up: you’ll see Neptune, as well as a man and a woman representing the rivers Scheldt and Lys respectively.   

Rehabilitation of witches

Between 1364 and 1713, at least 60 people were accused of witchcraft in the Ghent region. Some of them died at the stake. Others were executed on Sint-Veerleplein square and sometimes on Vrijdagmarkt square. A commemorative plaque near the Donkere Poort gate in the Prinsenhof area bears their names. 

Where new life is celebrated

Sint-Veerleplein square shamelessly tugs on your heartstrings through the artwork ‘Ai Nati Oggi’ by Italian artist Alberto Garutti. What looks like an old-fashioned street lamp is actually a touching ode to new life. Every time the lamps light up, a new child is born in Ghent. Brand-new parents can press a button in the Ghent maternity wards, so the entire city can celebrate their newfound happiness. 

Square in party mood

Tram 2 stops on the square, which is otherwise completely traffic-free. And if there is a party in the city, Sint-Veerleplein square is ready to celebrate. The Ghent Festivities, Winter in Ghent, the “Lieve Leie” Festivities: Sint-Veerleplein square is the place to be. Let’s get this party started!