Under the Ghent Foodmakers label, a number of Ghent artisanal entrepreneurs were inspired by the culinary heritage of Van Eyck. Based on local ingredients, they have made unique products, each within their expertise.

The guilds and their shields

In the Middle Ages, numerous craftsmen were affiliated with a guild according to the craft that they practiced. Being a member of a craft guild was an honorable recognition, which is why they proudly displayed the emblem.

This custom will be continued during the Van Eyck year and all crafts will be subdivided into guilds. Each guild receives its own shield, designed by the Ghent illustrator Thijs De Smet, which members can then post as proof of recognition.

De schildjes zijn geïllustreerd volgens de ambachten, bv. bakkers, kaasmakers, patissiers, brouwers, enz.

Meet the food makers

The products of these food makers can be obtained from the makers themselves or in the Van Eyck shop (with the exception of cheese, meat, bread and ice cream).

Hinkelspel, love for fine cheeses

You can go to Hinkelspel for traditional cheeses made from raw, organic milk, made with a lot of love and respect for traditions. For the Van Eyck year, they have made a traditional cheese with a herb crust inspired by the crops depicted in the Mystic Lamb.

Tierenteyn, Ghentian since 1790

This entrepreneurial family is a household name in Ghent and is famous for their sharp mustard and pickles. For the Van Eyck year, they have made a spice mix that is perfect to spice a gingerbread or stew.

Gent Brouwt!, unity makes power

Gent Brouwt! is the result of a fraternization between 13 Ghent brewers, all driven by a passion for their product. For the Van Eyck year, they have brewed together a Van Eyck beer based on ingredients visible on the Alterpiece, such as sweet scented bedstraw.

Yuzu, sweet art

Nicolas combines his passion for travel and the Near East with his love of chocolate, tea and sweets in Yuzu. He has created pralines especially for the Van Eyck year, inspired by the precious stones depicted on the Mystic Lamb.

Marijn Coertjens, flavors of the world

Marijn brings together pure, original flavors from all over the world in one box. For the Van Eyck year, he designs a chocolate decoration with the Mystic Lamb.

Blommm, 100% fair trade

At Blommm you choose locally grown flowers, 100% organic at a fair price. Paulien Verhaest has put together a flower infusion based on marigold especially for the Van Eyck year.

Callas, haute confiture

Karen Depoorter combines quality ingredients with a special dose of culinary creativity. For the Van Eyck year, she has made a jam based on the fruits that appear on the Altarpiece.

St Pierre butchery, craftsmenship in a family atmosphere

Chris and Hilde have been running this high-quality Ghent family butcher's shop for more than 30 years. For the Van Eyck year, they make dry sausages with fennel and walnut.

Monsieur Boudin, Belgian tradition with a modern twist

Monsieur Boudin makes artisanal black and white pudding of high-quality Brasvar pork. For the Van Eyck year, he makes a white pudding with herbs.

Noyen, flavor & tradition

Noyen is a real family business where tradition and respect for the craft are central. They make dry sausages for the Van Eyck year, inspired by the culinary heritage of Van Eyck.

Compaan, pure enjoyment for everyone

In this socially engaged bakery, organic breads, pies and cookies are baked by motivated people who are being reintegrated into the job market. For the Van Eyck year, they bake a maslin bread.

Ijsster, traditional ice cream shop

Every day, Olivier Roland goes in search of the best, natural ingredients for his next ice creation. For the Van Eyck year, he has created two ice cream combinations, orange / fig and an ice cream creation based on Tierenteyn gingerbread spices.

RoomeR, the aperitif with the floating flowers


Just like the Van Eyck brothers, the Michels brothers (RoomeR) are skilled craftsmen as well. Their Ghent aperitif is made from elderflower and a mixture of secret herbs. For the Van Eyck year, they have made a limited edition aperitif as to restore the 'pagan' elderberry bush to its former glory.

Waes Vineyard, a hidden gem on the banks of the Scheldt

On the banks of the Scheldt, near Zwijnaarde - close to Ghent, lies vineyard Waes. Flemish wines have been made here since 2005. For the Van Eyck year, the Waes wine has received a makeover with a customized label made by the Belgian artist Octave Landuyt.