Even the most stubborn night owl is blown away by the beauty of a Ghent morning. Few things are more beautiful than the first light of dawn rising over the rooftops. If you’re planning a trip to Ghent, be sure to make the most of the morning – in culinary terms, for instance.

You can devote the early hours of the day to gastronomy, just like top chef Fatina Daher did when she visited Ghent. You know what they say: eat breakfast like a king. The city is brimming with hip bars, markets and cafeterias that will surprise your taste buds. Be inspired by Fatina’s tips and discover what Ghent has to offer gourmets in the early hours of the day. 

Lebanese top chef

Fatina Daher is a Lebanese chef who shares her culinary heritage with passion. Every day, she spends hours in the kitchen, preparing traditional Middle Eastern dishes and experimenting with new influences. Fatina saw her culinary star rise further thanks to Instagram. The public can’t get enough of her authentic recipes, which she presents to the world in simple, multilingual videos. Someone who shares her knowledge and skill with such enthusiasm and openness cannot but fill the hearts and stomachs of viewers.  

Fatina rummages among all the delicacies at the CRU-Cuit fresh-food shop on Kouter square in Ghent

Fatina’s delicious Ghent morning

Fatina was on a clear mission during her morning in Ghent: taste as many things as possible and browse through as many markets as possible. She stayed the night at hotel The Post, in the stately former post office in the city centre. A good night’s sleep in this monumental building was followed by a lavish breakfast. Then Fatina Daher began her tour of Ghent. She went to the weekly food market on Sint-Michielplein square, where you can find a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy products and bread. While you’re in the neighbourhood, also take a look inside St Michael’s Church, where you can admire artworks by renowned painters like Anthony Van Dyck. From there, Fatina walked past the book market on Ajuinlei to Kouter square. On Sunday mornings, the weekly flower market on Kouter square is highly recommended: locals go there not just for buying flowers or plants, but also to run into acquaintances. The lovely kiosk is frequently the stage for free concerts, which adds to the atmosphere. This square still exudes the grandeur of bygone years: Kouter square was once the poshest place in town, with a concert hall, an opera and wonderful town houses. On the corner of Kouter square, Fatina hopped into Cru-Cuit to admire its fresh products. She had lunch at the famous ‘Blue Kiosk’, an icon in Ghent. Around elevenish, you can savour a glass of champagne and some oysters here. It once was a typical newsagents' shop, of which there used to be 38 in the city. Fatina concluded her lunch with a cup of coffee and some pastry at knol&kool, a vegan restaurant and delicatessen located in a beautiful old gallery.  

Fatina enjoys some delicious oysters at the Blue Kiosk on Kouter square

Waking up in Ghent

Fancy a culinary morning in Ghent, just like Fatina? Then prepare your own plan for the perfect morning with the above tips. Do you want to make the most of your morning? Then book an overnight stay in of Ghent’s hotels, B&B’s or hostels